Molvany Liberte Anti-gravity Expert Cream

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Molvany Liberte Anti-gravity Expert Cream

Post by ExGemLover » 1 month ago

Did anyone else notice the issue with the before and after pictures for Molvany Liberte Anti-gravity Expert Cream? If look at the before and after of the mans picture the guy is wearing a rubber mask, you can see where it stops on the neck and the lips are totally different as well. I saw the same before and after picture on another website and it was the same with the mask. I wrote in to the host and ask if they knew this was being done but of course there was no response. I was also wondering if anyone else is having an issue with reading reviews while they are showing the item? I use to be able to check customer reviews while the item was on the air but now if I try it will not let me see the actual reviews, I think this is deliberate so you can not see any bad reviews while airing.
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Re: Molvany Liberte Anti-gravity Expert Cream

Post by Lacy » 1 month ago

Exgemlover, I looked online. There is no reviews either. The ads are in another language. I wouldn't buy it. Who wants to put cow colostrum on their skin? No me.
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