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Post by Sea » 4 weeks ago

Why can’t we chat with real people anymore I tried to start a chat session for questions about my orders and all they do is put a bot up which is useless. Just more ways to ignore customers.
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Re: Chatting

Post by colljoe » 3 weeks ago

I rarely get good results with that "chat". I just call either customer service or Personal shopper. But, of lately, heard on here from other posters that Personal shopper is now referring them to customer service. In the past, I got great results with Personal shopper.
Considering all the other stuff going on with the web site, LC Community, them not even looking at our emails, and so many other things, I'm thinking something is up with Shop LC. Maybe up for sale? They seem to be losing it, all the way around.
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Re: Chatting

Post by Penelope~Pit~Stop » 3 weeks ago

Good afternoon Sea and Colljoe,

I am not sure if I ever saw the Chat rooms or option, I thought that is what this Forum was for....teehee
Hope everyone is staying safe and cool, we had 104 today in Central California :roll: :roll:
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