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Post by Mapper » 3 weeks ago

Item 7810807 - Betroka Blue Apatite Fish and Bubble Bracelet in Rhodium Over Sterling Silver (6.50-8.50In) 4.00 ctw

"Fish an Bubble" ?

I suggest that you review your hiring practices.
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Re: Seriously?

Post by Snakeycat » 3 weeks ago

I just looked this bracelet up on the SLC site, and after looking over the entire bracelet, that name seems quite appropriate.
Fish and Bubbles:
The round blue apatite stones represent bubbles in the water. The blue is that gorgeous Caribbean water color.
On each end are 4 little silver fish linked to each side of the lobster claw clasp.
I personally think it's a cute bracelet and the Fish and Bubbles would be perfect for a water person.
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