New topic. Budget pays not cancelled.

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New topic. Budget pays not cancelled.

Post by Lacy » 1 week ago

Let's see if this gets posted.
I placed an order and I canceled it within half an hour. The budget pay went through, and was refunded the same day. Two days later the budget pay attempted to come out again and is now pending for 3 days. I contacted customer service through the chat. I had to email my proof to them for them to look into it for me. They said that the budget pay was not canceled in the system even though I canceled the order. So now I have to wait and if it doesn't get dropped or released. I have to get my bank involved, for the bank to contact LC by fax. To get the budget pay released.

So the lesson here, is watch your budget pays when you cancel an order. Because they will charge you anyways. Unless you notice it on your statement and alert them, you're paying for nothing. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me. Beware.!
( I really should know better than to order from lc anymore). Lesson learned!

If you utilize BP, review your account and make sure it's accurate.
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Re: New topic. Budget pays not cancelled.

Post by Bella » 1 week ago

I stopped any budget pays long ago. I could never get them to show up on the budget pay schedule no matter what dates I put in. Never used to be that way. I just don’t trust Shop LC anymore. I’m sure that others feel the same way as I do.You should not have to jump through hoops to get a simple credit card refund. Ridiculous!
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