Being dishonest

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Being dishonest

Post by ExGemLover » 1 week ago

Twice this week I have caught Shop LC raising their price when airing the product including todays leading vale. Right before they aired them at midnight I went on the program guide and they were listed at $14.99 but when they aired them people were buying them before they lowered the price and they ended up going down to $29.99 which is way more than the price on the guide was listed. They did the same thing on an other item this past week so I di not buy either, I felt like they were being dishonest. I did however go to the big river store and let them know I found all most identical shoes in multiple different colors for $25 so guess where I ordered them. When people hurry to buy they do not come down on the price.
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Re: Being dishonest

Post by Lacy » 1 week ago

I saw that too. I didn't believe they pulled that. Another ex. of deceit, I saw a clearance item, when I looked it up. It was 10.00 more than the listed price. Isn't that BAIT AND SWITCH, shameful.
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