Issues with forum again

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Re: Issues with forum again

Post by Moderator_Preston » 6 months ago

RS wrote:
6 months ago
Moderator_Preston wrote:
6 months ago
Gypsy wrote:
6 months ago
Well I dont know if it is the forum , the internet or my phone but I've just now have been able to log on not only here but internet.
RS wrote:
6 months ago

I ran into the same issue Preston.

504 bad gateway

The ONLY thing I was doing, the ONLY page up on my iPad was the SLC forum.

This continues to concern me.

I have recently (as of two days ago) cleared my cache and history so it’s not an issue of a jumble.

This is the only site I visit with these continuous problems. Also page loading, getting messages such as “problem loading new items blah blah blah”...,that happens daily.
Good morning,

Thank you both for your messages. If at all possible, would you mind providing the information I also asked from Gemsnob to so I can also forward it to our web department? Thank you both for your posts, and for being a part of the Shop LC family!
I just got home from meetings but I did send you an email.
Good afternoon,

Thank you so much! I just responded to your email!
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