$1.99 Shipping on Autopay

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Re: $1.99 Shipping on Autopay

Post by STOO » 2 years ago

I too was thinking that they are losing money with free shipping. I do not mind paying for shipping if they bundle it all together, ship it out once a week, and give us just one low shipping cost.

Paying 1.99 for each item is just too much when you buy really cheap items. The shipping costs more that the items in some cases.

I was wondering if you all saw the email because I did not. I just wanted to sure that they did notify us and not just start slamming in shipping.
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Re: $1.99 Shipping on Autopay

Post by FurMomma » 2 years ago

The biggest problem I have is that it *STILL* says “you’ve now qualified for free shipping” when I activated Auto pay last night 6:20 pm. Then I checked my credit card and my purchases were higher than expected because I wasn’t aware of the change. That’s pretty deceptive. Ugh.

CSL wrote:
2 years ago
Ok, so I thought I signed up for autopay to get free shipping on the auctions? What's this $1.99 per item shipping fee that you emailed about? Well, that ain't gonna work with me and autopay will now be turned off. Can't believe ShopLC made that change. :evil:
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Re: $1.99 Shipping on Autopay

Post by Tocious » 2 years ago

I don't mind the shipping fee with Autopay, that was kind of expected with the way shipping is going these days. What I object to is that the hosts all tell you that you will receive your packages w/in 5 to 7 business days. What a joke. I never get any packages in that short amount of time. It usually takes 2 weeks sometimes longer for any packages to arrive, even the ones I buy during shows. Why, you ask? I finally called both the Post Office and UPS. It seems all packages are shipped via Mail Innovations which is a collaboration between UPS and the post office. What they don't tell you is that these packages are shipped "BULK MAIL", meaning they are last on the list of priorities when it comes to getting the packages sorted and shipped. Maybe folks who live in Texas get their packages in 5 to 7 days, the rest of the country, or at lease in my experience, do not.
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