Credit Card Hacked

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Re: Credit Card Hacked

Post by Vicky » 6 months ago

As I related previously, I had my credit card hacked when I phoned in a order from Bestbuy. As per Bestbuy corporate team, the Customer service that took my order charged gift cards from Applebees on my cc, while she had me hold on. I was alerted via text that a charge was made. When the customer service came back to the ohone, I told her someone just charged my card at Applebees fir a huge dinner because the charge was for over $400. Seems me getting alerted caught her off guard. She cancelled her gift card order from Applebees. . But she was so busy hacking my cc that she messed up my order . The regular customer service couldnt correct the order, so I was transferred to corporate. Thats when the truth unfolded. They traced my cc that was used to make her gift card order to her own phone.
I learned a lesson not to order via phone if I have to reveal my CC info to them.
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Re: Credit Card Hacked

Post by AmyRubin » 1 month ago

RS wrote:
6 months ago
Hubby is a recently retired airline pilot but also an FFDO (an employee of Homeland Security). He still is involved and has connections.

Anyone at SLC or affiliates mess with my info or his will be immediately dealt with.
Such an attack can be prevented. This is especially useful for children. Because often children can’t even detect this attack. Therefore, I recommend using parental control.
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