Masks for facilities

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Masks for facilities

Post by Moderator_Danielle » 8 months ago


We need some help! Do any of you have family that work in facilities that are in need of masks? We will be taking the first 10 facilities that are provided to us to add to our donation list. We are working to get to our 100k goal! Please include

Facility Name
Contact Name and number

Please send the information directly to me

Thanks so much for your help!
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Re: Masks for facilities

Post by DiehardLCcustomer » 7 months ago

You guys have been outstanding about the mask and other needed items being donated as generously as you all have! I have nobody needing anything but the offer has been quite nice. I unfortunately had my cousin's daughter help herself to my computer and write in what I can only assume from her bragging, was as foul as it was immature and a shame to me and my family for such being posted whether on my account or the guest she claims she wrote within. Let's just say she will NEVER do that type of thing again, junior college is her destination now knowing she's not quite ready to adult otherwise just yet and has been made to "eat crow" more times than I can count since we isolated it being her doing after all. Anyway, I just wanted to remark about the good since there is much of it despite the problems I have as a consumer myself at times like now. Great job and not needed by me or mine but not unnoticed or missed of appreciation by this shopper!
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