Late Shipment

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Re: Late Shipment

Post by anniebelle » 5 months ago

OtherSideOfTheTracks wrote:
5 months ago
There are a few problems that I've discovered with purchasing & shipping between SLC and DHL Here's the pattern for me.

If I order every day or every other day - or several in one day - SLC will "wait" a certain (unknown) time to gather all the items to put in one package to ship out. IF SLC "guesses" I will purchase more they will sit on my orders and not ship out until they think I'm done purchasing or some time algorithm period. THEN SLC will combine my purchases into one package and ship using DHL. Then DHL will do the same thing SLC just did meaning DHL will sit on MY packages until DHL decides/guesses no more new packages are being sent to my address. One time shipping is better than many packages being routed separately "everyday" to the same destination traveling on their trucks/flights route as I guess it is more costly to them.

So then once DHL is satisfied no other packages are coming to Houston, DHL will ship to Georgia THEN it sits again "waiting" on my new purchase that I just bought at SLC in Austin and will wait on it in Houston or Georgia.... (all DHL hubs are waiting to see if more packages are coming so they can combine and ship once). Once packages are in Georgia and none are immediately coming, they will hand off to USPS and then it gets to me FAST. Georgia sends it to my State and I will have it within 24 hours.

This is the pattern of my shipments. It may not be yours but it's certainly mine.

Lastly, if I only order ONE purchase say once a week - I will get my package much more quickly and within 5 days. There is definitely a communication feed between SLC and DHL and both want to "combine" packages to save themselves money ---- to heck with us.
@OtherSideOfTheTracks you might just be on to something. The conclusion I have had at this time for my personal delays has been simply a manpower problem. Never had a problem until the last couple months. Seems a package will simply sit waiting for someone to move it, usually at the Houston hub. Days later it will finally fly out of Texas directly to my local airport. Once upon a time it was precisely 6 days to receive a package.
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Re: Late Shipment

Post by bluez » 5 months ago

My order updated today (7/28), says it is out for delivery! Hooray.
Hope all your orders are on their way as well! Good Luck!
Do you think the delay was because it was a RA with free shipping over $50?
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Re: Late Shipment

Post by Margui » 5 months ago

My last order was having a delay yesterday. Now is on its way.
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Re: Late Shipment

Post by SuzyQ82 » 5 months ago

I totally understand an unexpected issue can happen in shipping. But, I ordered the thermometer that supposedly had free 2 day shipping. Did not happen. Then awaiting and order that took almost about 10 business days .... and it was not an inexpensive item. In fairness, some items I get very quickly. Others ..... well, are very extended, and DHL is usually involved. I am sure you are very busy, especially during your clearance event. But, I do order from other sites, end up with free shipping and they arrive in a few days without additional postage. Just sending this on, as information.
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