Rising Auction changes

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Re: Rising Auction changes

Post by meme » 2 years ago

I love the auction page. I am not real savy with my laptop. when viewing auctions my finger will glide over an item and a bid goes under my name. I don't like to take an item from someone else. I would like to have an option to release the item back immediately rather than to just let it sit in my cart until the time runs out.
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Re: Rising Auction changes

Post by PearlGirl » 10 months ago

How come auto pay is not free anymore now its only 1/2 off?
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Re: Rising Auction changes

Post by IamCH » 10 months ago

Supposedly, a coupon for 1/2 price shipping was available yesterday, so I bid on a few more items than usual (10 total as I got some very good deals.)
Well, come checkout time, the coupon did not work! $40 shipping is insane. I'm sure they're making a profit off this. I can't afford to pay an extra $20.00, especially since I only had one item $14.00, and the rest were 2 to 4 dollars.
I'm mad about the coupon issue, almost like it was a bait and switch.
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