Promo Code Issues and Problems Thread

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Re: Promo Code Issues and Problems Thread

Post by Moderator_Stephanie » 9 months ago

Blossom wrote:
9 months ago
There are way too many 'exclusions' w/promo codes! Speaking only for myself, I would order more often if the promo codes included more items (the ones I want, of course)! Are the promo codes only for low inventory &/or hard to sell items?
Thank you for your feedback regarding the promo codes. We will make sure this gets forwarded to the appropriate department.
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Re: Promo Code Issues and Problems Thread

Post by Jewls » 9 months ago

I've had to call every time to use mine as well.
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Re: Promo Code Issues and Problems Thread

Post by Dave755 » 7 months ago

Hey ya all.....I have to start wondering if this is just a gimmick to buy products from ShopLC? I think they should quit promoting online and on the air the promo discounts since the biggest percentage of the time they do not work as we have no idea what items work or do not work on the discount. I was looking at rings and I found a few that I loved but when you put in the promo discount they give you the banner about the loose gemstones, live tv orders, blah blah blah. So how in Gods name are we suppose to know what is eligible for the promo code or not because I do not see anything that accepts the codes. I tried about different rings to see if the code would apply and it does not.

So is this the case that you put the promo code out there just to get people to buy your products. I think ShopLC has good products and several of the rings that I bought am having appraised to see if what they tell us is correct or not on they are work more than what you buy them for.

I think the on air people should tell you about the codes and how they work at times because I haven't yet figured out how to know what you can use or not use for codes on the items.
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