post approvals coming soon.

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post approvals coming soon.

Post by Moderator_Danielle » 3 years ago

Hello everyone,

It's been an interesting few days. I just wanted to confirm that unfortunately there has been a lot of toxicity. If it continues, we will have to go back to the post approval model. Please note I am not saying this to be "threatening." I am not saying this to exert some kind of control. I am saying this because we need to be able to hold the forum guidelines. And I would much rather us do it together. We cannot do that when there are continual threads that violate the rules.

I respectfully request we go back to posting about the things you enjoy. Pets, Food, Jewelry, chatting,coffee! The things that I know at the end of the day you all enjoy. I am not implying there cannot be a difference of opinion. But there is a way to disagree without blaming one another or being mean. I am sorry that some recent bannings have upset people. And I hope you can understand it was a matter of upholding guidelines. Nothing more, nothing less. I am locking this topic because I am just requesting your help. I am confident that we can get things on track. We will continue to observe over the next few days. And as a reminder threads in violation will be deleted.


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