Stainless Steele China

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Stainless Steele China

Post by Polly » 2 months ago

I'm so sorry to hear that your stainless steel plant in India has closed due to Covid. I have been praying for India for years and I'm so glad to support this country through my purchases, as well as through my church. I was so disappointed to hear made the decision to buy from China and support the slavery that is occurring in that Communist country. I have always loved your stainless steel and have purchased a great deal of it in the past few months. I deeply regret that I will not be purchasing anymore as long as my purchases are enriching this evil dictator and its policies. Please make a public announcement if and when you decide to abandon this China policy and are able to return to your products made in India. I would rather not have any new jewelry if it means I would be supporting slavery. Also, please tell your audience when you have American made products. It's important to me and probably millions of other Americans. Thank you for listening.
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Re: Stainless Steele China

Post by JenniK » 2 months ago

I agree 100%
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Re: Stainless Steele China

Post by JA » 2 months ago

Well said and thought provoking. I also agree 100%
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Re: Stainless Steele China

Post by Druid » 2 months ago

Exactly my thoughts too.I try to avoid everything made in China especially in jewelry.
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