No pictures…AGAIN! Please explain????

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No pictures…AGAIN! Please explain????

Post by buyitall » 1 month ago

I have been working outside today and missed a lot of what you have been selling. I came in and had dinner and decided to check the site. Recently, I have been buying a lot of things for Christmas presents. I just looked at the last 35 items that were shown. Guess how many of those last 35 have NO pictures of the items…22 !!! That is so ridiculous! I will NOT buy an item without first seeing it….as I suspect others won’t either. Your company has had several clearance events lately. If you want to make room in your warehouse then you obviously want and need to sell items. If people could actually see what they are buying they might actually purchase it. This happens all the time here. I just don’t understand. Some of the items with no pictures were aired over two hours ago…long enough time to post pictures.
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Re: No pictures…AGAIN! Please explain????

Post by kaylee3 » 1 month ago

I agree. I wanted to see the wallets that Dionne had on tonight that I missed but no pictures
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Re: No pictures…AGAIN! Please explain????

Post by MaeWest1953 » 1 month ago

This is what happened when I wanted to see the Kaftans and some purses the other day!
I feel your pain
What is so hard to provide pictures for the customers?
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Re: No pictures…AGAIN! Please explain????

Post by Joybear » 1 month ago

This has been a problem for me at various times usually evenings since mid july.last 2 weeks more the auction page loads with 1 picture for every 20 items and if i click on the item with no picture showing the listing comes up with no picture!mysteriously if i place a bid on the no picture item it goes in my watch list and then and only then do i get to see a picture of the item!is this happening to others?maybe if they lose the annoying "flash"banners on the home page the software could show actual pictures for the items.not going to bid on items wirh no picture!
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