Website problems….again! Moderator help!

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Website problems….again! Moderator help!

Post by buyitall » 2 weeks ago

Been looking for emerald earrings to give my sister for Christmas. Just spent 20 minutes typing it into the search bar. Guess what? It shows ONE pair of earrings available. I know supply is bad right now but surely ShopLC has more than one pair of emerald earrings in their inventory……Something is wrong! Help………………
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Re: Website problems….again! Moderator help!

Post by Dulcimer » 2 weeks ago

The website and entire system has been messed up for weeks now, I could go on and on. Their new system they implemented to “improve the shopper’s experience” has just made it worse. In fact I know one person who cannot even get in to her account at all but they sure will take her money. It makes me FURIOUS!
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Re: Website problems….again! Moderator help!

Post by Lyric21 » 2 weeks ago

Twice today when I log into Shoplc, things show up in my cart that I removed days or weeks ago. Some even say "sold out". For the life of me, I will never understand how they cannot get it together. I'm sure it doesn't help that they employ people based on ancestry, not qualification. It's apparent that Amits 3rd cousin twice removed on his dad's side is not qualified for IT work. And people in Guatemala shouldn't be writing the descriptions and graphics when they know less about gems and jewelry than the customers. Get your act together Shoplc! This isn't amateur hour!
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