Thank you Nandini & Shoplc!

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Thank you Nandini & Shoplc!

Post by HowRevelationary » 3 months ago

Heartbroken when my multi colored Galileo thermometer arrived broken 😟. Another order ago, the same thermometer arrived in good shape. Had an online chat with CS rep Nandini (really nice name, BTW) who initiated a refund without requiring the hassle of returning it.

Ten years buying bargains from Shoplc and very few issues. Guess I’ve been lucky?

Thanks again Shoplc...for being an incredible resource during recent lockdown. I’ve gotten clothes, shoes, bed linens, towels, tools, electronics, children’s gifts, garden decor, skin & hair care, the list goes on and on. Don’t even get me started on the sterling artisan multi gemstone pendants I’m addicted to collecting.

Very grateful for your company. Take care & God Bless...
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Re: Thank you Nandini & Shoplc!

Post by buyitall » 3 months ago

You are definitely lucky! Many of us have had many issues here. Just read the community forum posts of the past.
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