Shungite Bracelets

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Shungite Bracelets

Post by ladyles » 1 year ago

This idea I have is more of a suggestion. I wasn't sure where to post this......but anyways, here goes. I know that you people have been showing Shungite in other types of settings for that commodity. And it got me thinking????? I have only seen you present that as a heavy bauble bracelet, (and I know that the shungite in that form can be worn both by male & female) but can the Shungite stone (gem/rock-whatever it is known by) be created in a little more of a feminine way, dainty looking for us ladies/gals? I was just wondering?
Thank-you for your time. :)
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Re: Shungite Bracelets

Post by Gem Lover » 1 year ago

I got a more feminine one here that I wear, it is smaller beads with mixed in craved gold beads, it's pretty and not over bearing.
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Re: Shungite Bracelets

Post by Stevie » 1 year ago

I agree with Gem Lover, I like the smaller beads for a more feminine look. Adding the gold beads here and there takes them to the next level.
I'd like to see smaller beads used in some of the other stretch bracelets too.
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