Must pay attention

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Must pay attention

Post by Eve » 4 months ago

So i purchased 3 bali pieces and 2 of them i realized after i would have gotten at the same price or even less with 30 % off . One item they canceled on me and earlier today it was still in stock. Guess what that was the only one that was really a deal lol. Don’t get sucked into the hipe and do your homework people. I have been shopping here for years and they got me. Lol
I will still like the 2 i got but a deal i did not get haha.
A good price sure but no biggest wearhouse clearance price!!
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Gem Lover
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Re: Must pay attention

Post by Gem Lover » 4 months ago

I said the same thing the other day about the clearance prices, they are regular price. I too had an order canceled that I purchased and I did not cancel it, mine happened just before the clearance and I had purchased the item with 30% off, not a good way for them to be doing business. Now that item is gone.
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Re: Must pay attention

Post by Lulu » 4 months ago

It's as if they don't understand the concept of 'clearance' to the American shopper. Offering merchandise at full price and the only incentive one has to buy is to not be able to return it? :roll: Good luck with that marketing ploy.
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Clearance "Event"

Post by CJM » 4 months ago

I've noticed the so called "clearance" prices were the normal price on anything of quality. The "fashion" stuff is cheap, but then you get what you pay for! The "clearance" items means if you don't like your purchase, you're stuck!! I don't participate in clearance events anymore. I rarely buy from TV; prefer searching the web pages. I hate impulse buying' I always regret the purchase and having to return, and, paying two-way shipping. If I miss out on an item, oh well...not meant to be.
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Re: Must pay attention

Post by Moderator_Stephanie » 4 months ago

Thank you for all of your feedback. We will be sure to pass this on to our marketing department!
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