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Linda,LindaLinda wrote:
1 year ago
Why is it that the hosts tell you that you can return an item within 30days with no questions asked, for a FULL refund. But, when you do, they charge a return fee of $6.49 without notification via email address. Even if the item does not work for you, either to big or not like it appeared on tv due to the lighting. No one walks around with all those lights above their heads.
I know the hosts are saying 30 day money back guarantee, but they fail to mention the $6.49 fee. I recently sent back an Opatra Dermi eye because it did not work I even bought new batteries and it still didn't work. I called and told them that I was sending it back the Customer Service person was very nice and said she would put a note on the invoice. I am still waiting for an indication that they received it and if they are going to charge me the fee even though it was broken
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They should give you your money back for sure!💚🍀
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