Give Sarob an oscar and me some aspirin

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Re: Give Sarob an oscar and me some aspirin

Post by Gypsy » 8 months ago

Angelflutter wrote:
8 months ago
We " oldies" that have been around for awhile have made the same complaints years ago. I haven't been on the board for awhile...well, ever since the moderators were monitoring everything and we couldn't post in real time. Sometimes we wouldn't see posts for days and nothing was in order. I see the cure now is to kick people off of the forum. Things appear to have changed. For the worse. I haven't ordered since March. So, while I won't make any complaints today, I'll just sit on the sidelines and relive the wars vicariously through ya'll. :roll: :lol:
Hi Angel,
{SIGH} so sad....but true

6 x

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