Under $10 Days ????

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Under $10 Days ????

Post by CaribbeanGirl » 4 months ago

Has anyone noticed that under $10 days are getting shorter & shorter. Also higher price items added when Chucky goes on air??? Very little sterling silver now, & how many stainless still chains & beads do we need, oh thats right it is for the dealers, they need lots of them. The normal every day person only needs so much of it. The show is not us us normal people anymore, it is for the dealers. Back in the day it was so great so many different items at GREAT prices of all kinds for us every day people but Every Thing is Tilted to the dealers now.
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Re: Under $10 Days ????

Post by buyitall » 4 months ago

Totally agree!
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Re: Under $10 Days ????

Post by Dulcimer » 4 months ago

Oh I’ve noticed. And bringing in the “exception auction” more and more. And showing the same little items over and over. Gosh I remember when I first began shopping here on Fridays they would sell the really pretty quartz rings in different colors in sterling silver. I bought every one I could find! Then they stopped with those (no idea why? quartz a commodity these days?) and began having other cute jewelry sets as the TLV. Now THOSE days are gone.
I understand rising prices so they couldn’t show the quartz and silver rings on Friday. So why are they gone altogether? And why is most jewelry gone from under 10?
I’ve had enough of stainless chains, no more.
Enough of flashlights.
Enough pens.
Etc. etc.
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