What Is Shop LC Hiding?

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Re: What Is Shop LC Hiding?

Post by Kittycat » 1 year ago

Maybe the camera person doesn't know what they are doing? I've watched and a lot of the hosts measure and put the jewelry on to show what It is like on. I've seen bracelets being measured, not all hosts do this but some do.
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Re: What Is Shop LC Hiding?

Post by NYCGirl » 1 year ago

I thank all of you, my fellow shoppers, for your informative replies. It appears I'm not alone in my frustration. It happened again, today. I was looking for a 10K or 14K gold ring. The video of the live TV presentation opened with a close-up of the ring on the host's hand, literally, for less than a second. For the remainder of the entire video, the ring wasn't shown again up close. It was only presented in the lightbox (beauty shot) with the hosts narrating, and later the talking continued, with the ring still on the host's hand, but too far away to see. So frustrating. I wanted to reach in the video and take out the ring to look at it! (item 3356994 AURUMVITA Bypass Ring).
NYCGirl wrote:
1 year ago
Shop LC doesn't appear to be making an effort show their jewelry up close and personal on live TV, or in videos of their live TV presentations. In the vast majority of online videos (or on live TV) you don't get a tour of the item, or see the host wearing it for any length of time. What you get, is the host talking over a pre-fab beauty shot playing on an endless loop, or If you're lucky enough to see the host demonstrating the jewelry, it's over in a flash, (example video of opal earrings, item 3462341). So I have to ask: What is Shop LC trying to hide? In some online video presentations, you see the host talking about the item, and talking, and talking,..and just when it seems the camera is going to show the piece of jewelry, boom, the video ends! This is delivering frustration. It is not delivering joy.
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