Montanna Sapphire

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Post by Rolltide » 1 year ago

Never heard that term yogos, but sounds like the stones for me. I am on the lookout for ruby and sapphire pieces that are not fissure filled for sure, and if unheated would probably cost a fortune, but I certainly would pay more for them. It will be interesting to see what they have. I just ordered some ruby pieces that are translucent, hoping I will like them. The Burma opaque stones are a pretty color, but I prefer a translucent stone. Guess it is because I used to have a small ruby and diamond ring from years ago that had small translucent stones, but good stones, and they were so pretty. Don't remember now what happened to that ring, but would like another ring with some pretty, translucent ruby accent stones, if nothing else. I think the sapphire show comes on Monday.
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