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Search Bracelets by Size

Post by bluez » 10 months ago

Whether it be a tennis bracelet, bangle, or cuff, I would like to see bracelets listed by size so a person could find their fit without going thru all the different sizes.

Since I discovered how much better a small bangle fits, I never want to go back to anything larger than a 7 inch.

I know everyone has a size they prefer, so please Shop LC make shopping easier by listing bracelets by size! Anyone with me?

Shop LC, thanks for your consideration!
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Re: Search Bracelets by Size

Post by Moderator_LaRica » 10 months ago

Thank you so much for your feedback. We have forwarded your concerns to our web development team for review. If you have any further questions or concerns please don't hesitate to reach back out to us. Thank you for being part of our family at Shop LC and have a wonderful day.

Best Wishes,
LaRica W.
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Boston Irish
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Re: Search Bracelets by Size

Post by Boston Irish » 10 months ago

Yes mam having same problem now had to buy all three sizes still waiting on third one
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Re: Search Bracelets by Size

Post by Kharailee » 7 months ago

Yes, I notice they don’t have many size 7 listed . I bought 7.5 and they are huuuuge on my hands. I wish they would make more size 7. I feel as they they don’t cater for people with smaller wrist #feelingleftout
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Re: Search Bracelets by Size

Post by Hummus » 7 months ago

You want a suit that's tight or loose? Okay, that will really vary from person to person. When you buy a delicate bracelet with a thin chain, we suggest that you make a snug fit. Except when buying large or heavy cuffs or bangles like, most people use these bracelets for ( other bracelets should have a comfort fit. Buying large bracelets with a loose fit is better so you don't feel like your wrist is suffocating.
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Re: Search Bracelets by Size

Post by honey » 7 months ago

Good advice Hummus. (by the way, I love hummus) I like to
wear my bracelets with a bit of a drape, and I don't wear bangles.
I know others like to have an exact fit, even a bit tight. Only
from time to time do I ever see size 7's at SLC. So many varying
to choose from at SLC and other net works.

ps - and Oh, I just received a mens leather cord bracelet to gift.
Size 8. Very nice. There is no clasp and I am just hoping that it
goes over the hand for on and off.
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