various SS chains + free shipping. TY ShopLC

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various SS chains + free shipping. TY ShopLC

Post by Jt » 1 year ago

Hi all. Well one of those times I've been up most of the night. You know, Pressing matters can take a toll. Positive or maybe unlucky, who cares, I got to order Becky's wares very early on this day of free shipping for 3X - 3 sets of chains. It's just these free shipping perks really make a person grateful. A definite mood lifter. Especially, when one should think twice about spending money. So Good Friday to you all. I mean this and I pray the Lord is good to you today. Everyone deserves a breakthrough once in a while. Jt (Teresa in Missouri)
Personal Trivia,
What is Jt's fav past time? It is: Feeding my clan of Daniel Tribe 7 count and watching the birds on the 2 feeders.
My 6 yr old grandson announced 2 days ago, Gramma, a dove is back! And together as we watch intensely its every move and we say oh "What a cutie". What we always say, "Cutie". And they are so cute with their little heads bobbing and so shy and polite.
No wonder they have attributes of peace...Calms me (much needed). ty Lord Jesus, thanks for having my number some days.
5 x

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Re: various SS chains + free shipping. TY ShopLC

Post by Kat » 1 year ago

That's a great buy!!! I love free shipping.
Congrats!!! 😊💗
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