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Re: Packaging

Post by anniebelle » 1 month ago

Margui wrote:
1 month ago
Years ago when I started to shop here, I used to receive my jewelry in those velvet black boxes. It look presentable. Then as the company switched their name from The Jewelry Channel to Liquidation Channel, the boxes changed to a lighter metallic blue magnetic boxes and later into two toned boxes cream and blue and since 2017, I been receiving the blue boxes with the white ribbon. I didn’t know about the new package.
Some is in the traditional blue boxes with white ribbon. Some comes in the red satin zipper pouches. Newest is the black, velvet drawstring pouches. They are very nice except when they try to stuff too much in a too small pouch.
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Re: Packaging

Post by JewelryQueen » 1 month ago

I really like the light blue-greyish boxes with the magnetic closures because they had the sponge like inserts with white on top that had slits to hold the rings, earrings, pendants in place. They made for a really nice display box for sales. The beribboned blue boxes with the satin lining, which are usually glued haphazardly, look more sloppy to me and the item rattles around in them. Just my opinion.
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