Concealing information on gemstones

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Re: Concealing information on gemstones

Post by Moderator_Preston » 2 months ago

Gem Lover wrote:
2 months ago
I found out about their Burmese Ruby when I took mine to a jeweler and was informed it was glass filled, I called customer service and found out some are and some are not but the host continue to say they are high end and natural so either the host do not know about gems as they claim or they are out right being dishonest to make a sale. When I found out about my ring it was 3 years ago and I was told by customer service that they would let the host know but nothing has changed so either the host just continue and knowingly to be deceptive or no one ever talked to them and per usual nothing changes. There is a difference between flux filled and fissure filled however, the GIA does not recognize fissure filled as a real ruby but they do accept flux filled, flux filled id the ruby itself heated to a high temperature and it fills itself without the use of glass and the treatment is permanent unlike fissure filled which is filled with glass and is not stable and weakens the ruby. I did pose the question to the host Karen one time and she did say shop lc uses glass fissure filling, she was honest but all the others always say how high end their rubies are, they can not be high end if filled with glass period! Many do not even know what the FF next to the word ruby means, I posted just last week on shop lc's Facebook page while they were selling Niassa ruby that it is glass filled when the host were saying they were high end and a customer got angry with me and called me a liar and proceeded to tell me how beautiful all her Niassa Rubies are and that they are all high end and what a great deal they are, so clerly some people have no idea what the FF means. The same goes for dyed Burmese Jade.
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Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I have forwarded your feedback to our live TV and jewelry teams so that can use it to improve future listings and TV presentations. I hope you are having a great Memorial day!
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Re: Concealing information on gemstones

Post by Druid » 2 months ago

Gemlover is definitely right.In general beaware of funny names for gemstones like niassa or itakaka,etc.Check those names before buying. Also jade items are generally dyed. There are some semi precious stones that cannot be treated like the garnet,the moonstones, diopside,etc.Also, when buying check the hardness of the stone.For instance, paraiba apatite has only 5 which makes the stone unsuitable for bracelets, rings and if necklace than you must be also careful, this is a fragile stone and can also be treated. Sapphires and rubies are dyed especially those coming from India or Turkey: just take a white tissue and rub the necklace and you will see how the color appears on the tissue.I had this unpleasant experience when the red from my ruby necklace appeared around my white collar or on my skin.We learn from experience and research and those who sell us such frauds just get richer thanks to our naivety. Be aware of any jewelry sold on eBay.You would be surprised how many fake stones are called natural.In general the word natural does not mean or implied that a stone was not treated. It’s good to have other people experiences described.
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Re: Concealing information on gemstones

Post by Sea_Hag » 2 months ago

It's very disappointing seeing that more and more people are finding misleading information on Shop LC's gemstones & treatments. These days, I'm very leery of buying anything here for that reason. I suppose we all need to remember that "you get what you pay for", but I still appreciate honesty in advertising.
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Re: Concealing information on gemstones

Post by shopLC_alex » 2 months ago

Thank you for commenting, we appreciate any feedback we may receive and we never want our customers to feel as tho they are being mislead. If you ever have any questions on the specific details of our items please feel free to contact us by phone at 1.877.899.0078, by email at, or by chat and we'll do everything we can to provide that information for you as soon as possible. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you in the future. Thank you for being part of our family at Shop LC.
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