stones falling out

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stones falling out

Post by Daisy » 2 months ago

I get these colorful and sparkly great pieces from shop LC. Sometimes I can't wear a certain piece until the occasion arrives and it could be 2 months after receiving them.

At any rate my stones have fallen out of 4 pieces the first time I wear them and it is too late to send them back. Today I wore my marvelous meteorite ring with red stones on the side. I got it for probably $10.... a steal. They won't replace it even though it shows up on the auction. If they let me send it back I loose my great bid. I just bid on same ring and had to pay $21 instead of them just swapping them out.

Note to self: wear jewelry when it arrives for at least a day. Then at least you might have a chance of getting a fair switch out or find the stone.
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Re: stones falling out

Post by Rolltide » 2 months ago

So sorry Daisy, I hate that for you, but yes, you definitely need to check your items out right away when you receive them. And I guess if the best they will do is give your money back, end of story, I would take it. Is better than being stuck with it. I just don't understand why they wouldn't give you a replacement for same charge.
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