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Post by Theresia » 3 months ago

So, I thought today was a diamond smackdown which should mean lower prices. I've had the 5ct RG champagne diamond bracelet in my wishlist for a few weeks now since it's been out of stock.......hoping it might come back in. Well it did today at $1299.00. It was $799.00. ???? So sad. On a happier note, I just rec'd a beautiful opal ring in the mail!
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Re: Confused

Post by JA » 3 months ago

I always thought that was what SLC was doing with the prices, but I don't buy any high priced items from them. :shock:
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Re: Confused

Post by AD » 3 months ago

:lol: :lol: You go JA. I don’t buy anything ANYMORE 🙂....H😊. To many head aches
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