Graded Gemstones and Diamonds

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Graded Gemstones and Diamonds

Post by Hedonist » 2 years ago

First, I am tired of listening to a majority of the hosts for the incessant laughing at nothing, loud talk and laughter, head/body bobbing, hands flying, aggrandizing statements on knowledge and/or expertise, etc. I see other hosts on other shopping channels who do not resort to this type of madness - yes, madness...the hosts on shoplc are like children competing with each other for the camera while looking insane to the viewers...where is the shoplc management to put a halt to this non-sense? But,I know why it has not been fixed as the management staff will appear as hosts and appear as mad, but the other hosts know to remain quiet and not compete...I have basically stopped watching ShopLC or if i do, I mute it, but the madness still shows in the hosts' faces and mannerisms...

Second, the hosts are always bragging about the graded diamonds and gemstones. The Tony guy is the worst. I could say a gemstone is quad A or triple A or the diamonds are E-F colorless, but it does not make them so...It is a selling technique used by all the Shoplc hosts, but none of the hosts ever say they are qualified to grade and if they are, why doesn't shoplc require them to sign certifications attesting to the grading to evidence to purchasers the excellent quality of which the hosts boast...If shoplc is doing the grading, and then selling at its determined grade, it does not seem ethical..Shoplc should have GIA not IGI grade the stones and furnish a copy of the GIA grading certification with each purchase to prove the quality of the diamonds/gemstones...yes, it will cost money but a small business expense would bolster the shoplc reputation...In other words, shoplc needs to be more transparent with statements made by its hosts with written proof of the graded quality...
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Re: Graded Gemstones and Diamonds

Post by Margui » 2 years ago

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Re: Graded Gemstones and Diamonds

Post by JA » 2 years ago

Something that happened a couple days ago that didn't make me happy. During the over night they started selling the natural pink diamonds and I bought a pink and white diamond pendant that wAs very pretty. I checked their website looking at their pink diamonds when I noticed an i3 grade which means it can be heavily included that you can see with bare eye behind the pink diamonds. I thought the one I bought didn't have that, but right before it shipped it had the i3 after the diamonds. I know for the prices I can't expect high quality, but I didn't expect the lowest :shock:
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