Disclosing gems treatments

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Re: Disclosing gems treatments

Post by sunshine13 » 1 month ago

YES, in complete agreement that ethically ALL treatments should be disclosed by host when they are selling it on Live. If not on live it should be in the description - and agree that we should not have to research items to see if they are 'as described'. I also have been disappointed after finding out things on some items 'after the purchase. Also, when you go to Education, you will find that the write-ups are very nice, but the 'enhancement/treated info - is always hidden someplace in all of the wording and paragraphs and you have to read and dig to find out the truth of if it is enhanced or not and what treatments they may have.

There should be one short paragraph/line at TOP that says:
Enhanced/Treated: YES - or - NO.

We should not have to wiggle through the words to try to decipher actual reality. I don't want to go have to read a term paper to find out if a gemstone is treated or not. It's kind of ridiculous the work we have to go through to find out. A simple yes or no to customers at the top AND on the item description would be soooooo very helpful.
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Re: Disclosing gems treatments

Post by Spooky » 1 month ago

I agree with everyone on this thread. It was a couple of months ago that Jessica Maldonado was hosting and a person wrote in asking what treatments if any were done to the ring/bracelet/earrings. Jessica proceeded to lecture the audience that ‘they should already know what the treatments are’ and she promptly told this person to ‘look it up’!
I was amazed at her terrible manners and wrote in and told her so. It’s the host’s job and ShopLC’s job to clearly state what the treatments are. So the truth should be on the banner we see on our tv’s and it should be clearly stated on the website listing for that item as well. Our government has ‘truth in advertising’ laws to protect us from flimflam men/women who just want your money and will say anything to get it.
I remember a while back when ShopLC was selling Ceylon sapphire on the website and that it had a certificate of authenticity. I have to say the pieces I purchased didn’t come with any certificate so I returned them. I’m tired of being scammed. Do your own on Shungite by the way (big hint)! Thanks to everyone who contributes to the community!!! We all benefit from the shared information
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Re: Disclosing gems treatments

Post by Lauren » 4 weeks ago

I always refer to this chart before I make a purchase. There’s a lot of stones that are completely untreated (yay!) which is what I look for too. I agree that any/all treatments should be clearly disclosed in the listing.

https://www.shoplc.com/education/gemsto ... ts-list#10
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Re: Disclosing gems treatments

Post by Gem Lover » 3 weeks ago

Just the other day when they had a Burmese Jade smack down none of the descriptions on the screen said dyed, no (D) like they use to have so I texted them to let them know that it was missing on the TV description and I was ignored and they never fixed it so anyone new watching would have not idea that it is dyed and their jade is also polymer filled and or bleached. If you look up what the GIA says you will find that these treatments are done to the lowest quality and are pretty much worthless. Real untreated jade will not look like plastic and will stay cold, it also sounds like fine china when two pieces are tapped together.
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Re: Disclosing gems treatments

Post by Margui » 3 weeks ago

High quality Nephrite Jade is "musical" when the seller tap it against another nephrite. I don't know if Jadeite Jade has that special sound.
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Re: Disclosing gems treatments

Post by Sea_Hag » 3 weeks ago

Yes, they definitely need to be more up front about gemstone treatments and let us, as the consumers, decide if it's worth purchasing. I recently purchase a "Vegas closeout ruby" ring which gives no detail on how the ruby was treated. Under a loupe, they're awful, but because the diamonds look decent under the loupe and it's 14K gold, I've decided to keep it; it was on sale and the 14K and diamonds alone were, to me, worth it. I've also found missing gemstones or gemstone types in their list. For example, Madagascar Sapphire that is blue is not in the list. Further, a description will say "may be heat treated or diffused...". That doesn't help; it doesn't tell you specifically if what you're about to purchase has been heat treated or diffused; just a vague note that it could be either one. Full disclosure, please, Shop LC.
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