15 Days

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15 Days

Post by 2Blonde » 2 months ago

If you wan't to receive items before Christmas, then you should probably shop elsewhere. I ordered two rings ($177 total) on 11/19. They didn't ship them for a week (11/26). The tracking says they are due to arrive tomorrow (12/4). That's a total of 15 days, over two weeks from order to receipt (assuming I actually receive them tomorrow). Now, they've had my money since 11/19. This is not acceptable IMO. When I first started shopping here, I used to be amazed at how quickly items arrived......usually 5-7 total days (including weekends).
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Gem Lover
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Re: 15 Days

Post by Gem Lover » 2 months ago

My items always take forever to arrive, it started last Christmas and it has been taking 2 weeks up to almost 1 month at times to get my orders, that is why this year I did not purchase any gifts from here.
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Re: 15 Days

Post by Lulu » 2 months ago

I ordered 3 items from JTV on Nov 29th and received them Dec 2nd. It can be done.
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