Problems doing business

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Re: Problems doing business

Post by Vicky » 1 year ago

Shoplc new President does come across as a HIGH PRESSURE SALESMAN. Always APPEARS like he looks down on us viewers, like how dare we not buy the item, if he orders us to do it !! It could be he isn’t that way at all. Appearances can be deceiving, but he does appear to try to pressure us into buying high end overpriced jewelry. My friends claim they would never buy when he is on. I myself want to give him a chance to realize his pressure tactics are failing. It’s true that shoplc started to deteriorate when he came. Maybe it’s just a coincidence. Or, Maybe it is him trying to become a high end jewelry seller. What he doesn’t realize, is we like that Shoplc is UNIQUE and doesn’t fit the picture if a high end jeweler. Shoplc Gave us the ability to buy affordable jewelry for our family and friends. If I want to buy high end jewelry, i would either want to see it in person, or get the one that is shown on the air. Like GEM Sho..... ....... does.
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Re: Problems doing business

Post by Loey » 10 months ago

I agree. Since the new president came aboard, it seems like he is really only interested in having his hosts push and show high cost jewelry most of the time!! On their emerald show, I don't think there was one ring on the show that was affordable to the frequent, but not rich customer. I quit watching that segment of the auction, because I could see the pattern where only the very expensive rings were being sold. It seems like the new president is trying to be like TVON and sell one item for an enormous amount, or becoming like the Gem Shopping Network! I am so happy someone else noticed this change....I thought it was just me. I think they will be losing a lot of repeat and loyal customers due to this. Greed does not pay!
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