Sale prices

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Sale prices

Post by Eve » 3 weeks ago

I wish they would stop putting items on sale because if they do a with code sale then the sale items are not included anymore and 99% of the time the with code sale ...items come out to be a lower price Out of principal I don’t purchase the sale items anymore.
Bummer. :(
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Re: Sale prices

Post by Kb » 3 weeks ago

If you look closely at the bottom of your screen on your phone , tablet etc. Its really a clearance item. Oh they will take it back but charge a 25% restocking fee. Never tell you that. Just have to watch your returns. Plus they go up and down so much on there prices. Put things on clearance, then take it off clearance and put a higher price tag on it. If a item has a price with a line thru it. Then the new price is in red it's a clearance not a sale price. So beware all you fellow shoppers. It is not a fair practice
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