vittadini jacket

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Re: vittadini jacket

Post by 2Blonde » 6 months ago

I've owned the jacket since it first was offered last year, and it definitely is leather. I have more leather and non-leather jackets than I can count, so I know the difference. I love the jacket, and it's very soft and lightweight. I don't remember hearing any host say it was lambskin. It did have a strong (bad) smell when I received it, and I had to hang it outside and let it air out before I could wear it, though.
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Re: vittadini jacket

Post by Vicky » 6 months ago

I heard the host say IT FEELS LIKE LAMBSKIN LEATHER. She said it was Leather. I find that with non jewelry items I bought from Shoplc, it often comes in Generic white boxes. Probably copied in China. Or shoplc bought out the whole lot of hard to sell merchandise. If I dont see the package it comes in, I dont buy. I did buy the knife set because it came in a factory sealed pkg.
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