Croc Faux Leather 3-Tier Jewelry Organizer

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Re: Croc Faux Leather 3-Tier Jewelry Organizer

Post by ula » 7 months ago

Just received the jewelry box this morning and I was pleasantly surprised. It was packaged well in 2 sturdy boxes and also protective material over the box. I love the box!!! It is not very sturdy, but for my purpose its fantastic., The inside flocking is well made, the 3 tiers will accomodate rings-1tier, bracelets -2 tier and last tier for bigger necklaces, The cover even has hooks for chains and also mirror. I am very pleased with purchase, was worried that the box might get crushed in the Christmas shipping frenzy,but all is good. Yes, the ribbon holding the top open is a bit short and won't stay open but it is easy fix with a bit of ribbon and glue gun. Overall I will recommend this box to all that need organizing jewelry.
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Re: Croc Faux Leather 3-Tier Jewelry Organizer

Post by geminigirl » 7 months ago

Sorry, I don't have that one. I do have many of the different ones over time. I really like the anti-tarnish ones. I easily found out which ones of mine were not anti-tarnish (I had forgotten) - oops. Do you know how bad rose gold over silver can look when it gets tarnished? Well, there I went writing a paragraph and not even addressing your concerns. I hate that they are connected with only a ribbon. I agree - easier to fix than return.
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