Set Of Three Cermanic Oil Disfussers

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Re: Set Of Three Cermanic Oil Disfussers

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I am not aware of any essential oils that are extremely toxic to either pets or children when used in a diffuser. One should never just spray them willy nilly in the air. Some are very toxic if rubbed directly on the skin, and even worse in an area where they can be licked. Oil of cinnamon, peppermint, wintergreen, tea tree oil, pine oil, ylang ylang, and eucalyptus, among others, can be especially toxic.

I even know a vet who massages with some essential oils, when mixed in a carrier oil to dilute, for behavioral and nervous system disorders.
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Re: Set Of Three Cermanic Oil Disfussers

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I hear what all of you are saying, but to be toxic to a pet they do not have to eat it, get it sprayed on them, rubbed into their skin, etc. IF A PET INHALES IT, IT CAN AND HAS BEEN TOXIC TO A LOT OF DOGS. I do not know what is in the stuff, there is nothing on the box that states what ingredients are and if it is on the tiny bottle, who can read it? Not me. There is no listing in the product specifications to let anyone know what it in it. Yes, there are some that are not toxic, I know. BUT I am not going to take a chance with my furkid. I can tell you, lots of dogs have gotten really sick and/or died as a result of inhaling certain oils.
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