Faux fur sherpa blanket? Anyone?

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Re: Faux fur sherpa blanket? Anyone?

Post by Blossom » 6 months ago

JewelryQueen wrote:
6 months ago
Dear Blossom

Seems like the crappiest stuff happens to the nicest of people. I am sorry I haven't yet expressed my sorrow that these horrible events have happened to you, but to be perfectly honest I am in shock! So if I feel that way I can only imagine how violated and hurt you must be. Wish I could make it better for you. At least you know in your heart that you are a good person and that many other good people care about you= which is something those evil ones will never have and can never steal.
Oh JewelryQueen, I wish you & everyone here knew how much your kind words have helped me. I am grateful they (women-don't think it was just one) at least didn't do horrible damage to house getting in & they were nice enough to close the doors behind them! Thank you for caring💞
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Re: Faux fur sherpa blanket? Anyone?

Post by ChiChi2 » 6 months ago

I have bought a couple of the blanket. My family loves them. The only problem had been I placed one in the dryer and it made to fleece get harder. That was purely my mistake. I knew better but forgot and threw it in the dryer. Only line dry these blankets. Still use it though
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