OPATRA DermiNeck Anti-Ageing Device

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Re: OPATRA DermiNeck Anti-Ageing Device

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Ginger wrote:
8 months ago
Hi and thank you so much for sharing the website and product you ordered. They are having some great buys there and so much cheaper than this place. I will definitely look into it. I too have used plain aloe that I get at the market and just slice some off and use the gel. It makes my skin feel tighter and I alternate between my serum, moisturizer and aloe. Sometimes I mix the aloe with the moisturizer and it feels wonderful, especially if I have cooled it in the refrigerator. Aloe is very good for your body to eat it also, they also sell a aloe Vera juice at Walmart and the river website. It’s wonderful for your body. Thanks again for sending the links to the items. Have a wonderful weekend-Ginger ⛄️🎄
You are most welcome!! Glad to pass on info I hope you and others can use! I wish you a wonderful weekend as well! <3
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