Melissa and overbidding and not buying

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Re: Melissa and overbidding and not buying

Post by Moderator_Connor » 4 months ago

Zoe wrote:
4 months ago
Sent information about this to moderator yesterday. Checked website today. Nothing done. Checked Quartz rings. All her high max bids are still they!! Started checking topaz rings which she also bids up. This is a perfect example. Mercury Mystic Topaz Ring no. 3775270. Melissa starts the bidding at $1 with max bid of $138. Robin bids Melissa up with a max bid of $199. Melissa bids Robin up again with a max bid of $304. Robin goes back in. Then Melissa goes back again at $401!!! Obviously this is a bidding war Melissa doesn’t want this ring but she doesn’t want to let Robin win the “bid”. I have told you before again and again that she is behaving in a way that interferes with the bidding rights of other customers. Why are you continuing to allow her to do this?!
Good Morning, Zoe!

Thank you so much for your post, as well as providing the item numbers on the auctions this user was over-bidding on. Fortunately, we were able to locate the account in question and have reported it to our web teams so that we can further review the account and any corrective action needed. Please accept my sincerest apologies for the delay in response regarding this matter!
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