Cancelled Items from Rising Auctions

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Re: Cancelled Items from Rising Auctions

Post by mpompadour » 4 months ago

Moonkey wrote:
4 months ago
Didn’t know about EBAY. Thanks.
Yes, and Shop LC also sells on Amazon.
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Re: Cancelled Items from Rising Auctions

Post by Moonkey » 4 months ago

I feel your pain about the cancellation of orders.
Why post them at auction only to recant. It happens once too often. I find it happens to me when I get a really good bid in and win- oddly enough. Unfortunately
It just happened again. Im through for a while. I got some good deals, some fair deals and a couple of real dogs but coupled with the nutty bidders—. ( Someone mentioned that the rabid bidders have more money to spend. People who have always had money don’t spend it stupidly.- Or throw it away.Insecure people want you to think they can be reckless with money. I’m tired if the spoilers who bid above and beyond the material value of an item to the point of being ridiculous. And all the absurd up and coming big deal wannabes. They should try to learn something about jewelry. I need a break from stupid.
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Bidding problems

Post by Bella27 » 4 months ago

Another bidder shares my name. She had placed a bid on an item that I entered a bid on with a max bid a few dollars higher. Even though the page reloaded when I submitted the bid,
my bid was completely ignored, as if it was refused, when there was a minute left.
The site started going insane when I submitted it -- flashing other pages and flashing to other items I had not even looked at, much less bid on.

I looked at my bidding history and it was missing from the list completely. :roll:

Does the site have "ringers" to prevent too-low bids?
Just curious.
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