ERTV price drop AFTER auction win ??

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ERTV price drop AFTER auction win ??

Post by JeffR » 8 months ago

Bid on a ring that at the time of the auction WIN had an ESTIMATED RETAIL VALUS of $839.99. When I went to pay for it (I WAS supposed to pay $64.00) the ESTIMATED RETAIL VALUE showed as $329.99. What are you people trying t pull. I KNOW WHAT I SAW!!! That's why I bid. When I noticed the difference, I immediately turned off auto pay. What a cheesy way to get people to bid. This is NOT the FIRST time the ERV dropped significantly, I just didn't catch it before the auto pay went thru. I am done here. OVER INFLATED ERV's, plus changing them after a higher than normal price is bid. Fool me once, shame on you, but I caught you the second time. There WILL NOT BE a 3rd. time. Buying my stuff elsewhere. I'm outta here!!!!
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Re: ERTV price drop AFTER auction win ??

Post by Ramen » 8 months ago

WOW!!! 🤨
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Re: ERTV price drop AFTER auction win ??

Post by Bella27 » 8 months ago

I noticed something similar.
BAD practice, and is why I bid based on what an item is worth to ME.

Along that line....
I'm wondering what happened to the extended information that used to be on the individual item description page,
located on the middle right side of the page normally.All of a sudden it poof! disappeared.

Heretofore SLC has openly provided additional information about gemstone treatments, heat, oiling, irradiation, etc., used in processing the gems and changing the condition from 'natural" to "enhanced.".
To me, those 'enhancements' definitely affect the value of the gemstones used.

Suddenly that information is nowhere to be found.

Ah...hhhh...SLC needs to bring that back. We have a right to know before we bid.
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