Jewelry for Jewish women

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Re: Jewelry for Jewish women

Post by Catticus » 3 months ago


I saw the lovely Star of David necklace/pendants SLC had on last night.

Thank you, Preston!

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Re: Jewelry for Jewish women

Post by Rolltide » 2 months ago

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Re: Jewelry for Jewish women

Post by Vicky » 2 months ago

I’m surprised that Nikki whose mother is Jewish, and Nikki does celebrate both Hannukah and Christmas, doesn’t suggest it. The Hosts all claim that Shoplc has all of them design things, which they do. We all have friends who are if different faiths, so I think Religious inspired items should sell well.
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Re: Jewelry for Jewish women

Post by OtherSideOfTheTracks » 2 months ago

I remembered seeing this pendant and I can't believe I found it again since "Star of David" is nowhere in the title. :roll: It's low-priced at $9.99 and then you get the 30% off. Fyi.

Blue Diamond (IR) Accent Star Pendant in Blue Rhodium & Platinum Over Sterling Silver With Stainless Steel Necklace (20 in)

Item # 3477257

Then there are yellow and a green pendants (tho it doesn't look green) - just replace "Blue" in the title for "Yellow" and "Green" to get other colors.
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