Swarovski Crystals

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Swarovski Crystals

Post by Hedonist » 1 year ago

The hosts continue to mention SLC will no longer be selling Swarovski Crystals after June 2021. A few hosts have stated the crystals will be removed from the jewelry and returned to Swarovski as per contract with Swarovski.

Has SLC considered the possibility of creating crystal packets (25, 50 or 75)s and sell the packets with just the crystals? It seems this method would enable SLC to sell the crystals rather than having to return them. I am sure there are customers like me who would like to acquire a package or several packages of Swarovski crystals.
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Re: Swarovski Crystals

Post by Amy » 1 year ago

Hi Hedonist : you can purchase a small package of Swarovski crystals at Jo-Ann fabrics, just tell the girl what you’re looking for and you will find them in the section for home jewelry makers DIY. 🌸🌸🌸
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