Observations of the Swarovski bidding

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Observations of the Swarovski bidding

Post by ElleTee » 1 year ago

Hi dear All,
I admit that I spend a lot of time watching the auctions. I know, I need to get a life ! Ha !
What I've noticed is that the overbidders come in waves.
For example, let's say from 1pm to 3pm Bidder A is at it bidding ridiculous amounts on each and every one of the Swarovski items. At 3pm Bidder A disappears and is replaced by Bidder B. Same cycle, 2 hours later Bidder B disappears and in comes Bidder C. And so on.
Then comes a period of time when A B and C are all gone and so normal bidding takes place. For a time being there is absolutely no overbidding going on. During this "down time" the Swarovski items are going for very reasonable amounts and everyone gets a fair chance at getting a Swarovski piece.

Is it possible that Bidders A, B and C are one and the same person, just using a different name?
Honestly, I don't even know why I care, but for some reason I'm intrigued by this. If their intention is to further mark up the price and resell, where in the world do they find buyers for this stuff? It baffles me.
Anyway, I admit, I will keep watching. (for some reason the system doesn't allow me to insert a smile face. Don't know why)
Have a good evening gals.
5 x

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