more outrageous bidding

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Re: more outrageous bidding

Post by LauraA » 2 years ago

Zoe wrote:
2 years ago
Yes!!! Thank god someone else has complained about Melissa!! She puts these very high maxi bids on a huge amount of merchandise especially quartz and topaz rings. But she never buys them. They are always relisted!! I have complained twice to customer service through “chat” and they have assured me they will look into it. So far don’t see any change. She is obviously a sick person
To do this over and over again. Why do you think she is doing this? Does she think people will eventually give up and she will get all the merchandise for very low prices? I am so angry about this!!
Makes me very angry too, @Zoe !! One bracelet in topaz I just gave up and bid more than I really wanted to, and purchased, as much to get it off the auctions after "Melissa" had bid it up again, as it was to have the bracelet. It's ridiculous. I'm glad someone else has noticed this so I don't think it's just in my own mind! But no expectations that Shop LC will do anything to resolve this issue. It is infuriating; it is driving people off the auctions, and I don't think she purchases anything.
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Re: more outrageous bidding

Post by Opal1010 » 2 years ago

Had won my auction but then the counter reset and I still had the highest bid suddenly Ingrid had won ....b.s. to me.
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