Clarification on Thread Deletions

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Clarification on Thread Deletions

Post by Moderator_Connor » 2 years ago

Good Afternoon, Everyone!

This post is to help serve as a notice regarding some topics that were recently deleted. While we do appreciate everyone's feedback provided here on the ShopLC Forum, several posts have been found to violate our community guidelines. Hence, the reasoning for the deletions you may have been noticing.

We would like to encourage all users to please be courteous and respectful to others on this forum, even if you disagree with them. We kindly ask that you do not use language or content that is unkind. We understand if the style of a presentation may not be universally liked by all users, and we are happy to accept feedback from everyone so that we can further improve ourselves, but personal attacks or insults on the hosts will result in immediate thread deletion.
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