Hey ShopLC, thought you’d like to hear...

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Hey ShopLC, thought you’d like to hear...

Post by HowRevelationary » 11 months ago

Hello to all in ShopLC world!

Just finished mending two of the three insulated carrier bags I’ve had for years now (they have a faded “liquidation channel” logo on them). There were a few loose seams, but the bags still work well when hubby & I visit the local Amish farmers market every week.

That got me to thinking about the gifts liquidation channel used to occasionally send to customers. I think I still have an insulated beverage tumbler and a few jewelry cleaning kits.

While I do appreciate the past gifts, I wanted to tell you how much I REALLY appreciate the more recent free shipping that comes with the autopay feature. Thank you for saving me lots of money!

While most of my ShopLC purchases are from the RA, I do occasionally find some bargains & free shipping days at the ShopLC online store. Father’s Day was a hit thanks to a camping table and compression elbow sleeve, both bought on sale & with free shipping. My husband says the sleeve is definitely helping his aching elbow, and he is looking forward to using the collapsible camp table.

In all the years I’ve done business with your company, whatever the name may be, I’ve yet to find another shopping site that has the same perks—and deals.

Thanks again ShopLC, & happy shopping/bidding to All!!
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Re: Hey ShopLC, thought you’d like to hear...

Post by mpompadour » 11 months ago

I'm glad you and your husband are finding joy with Shop LCs products :)
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