Shipping cap limit

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Shipping cap limit

Post by Gg10 » 10 months ago

Has any one else encountered a problem with the shipping cap not applying to their Tues or Fri orders? When I called today to get the shipping cap applied to my yesterday orders I was informed my orders did not qualify because I used Fastbuy.
This is the first time I have shopped enough to qualify. The Hosts say use Fast Buy. I do not understand why this is a problem. As a courtesy they refunded the over $19.99 cap but warned me it was a one time deal.
When I questioned customer service about where this policy was written down, he searched and could not find it.
I do not understand why it would make a difference how I ordered.
Please let me know if others have had this problem. Sometimes, I think that I am the only one.
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Re: Shipping cap limit

Post by Moderator_Danielle » 10 months ago

Hey there, actually we have 2 different promotions 1 for TV a 1 for web.

The shipping cap of 29.99 or 19.99 is for Tv purchases. Typically these are done through our automated system or a phone call with an agent.
For web purchases orders over $50.00 quality for free shipping.
Also on the web auction order get free shipping if signed up for auto pay.

And of course the site has various promotions from time to time. I hope this helps :).
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Re: Shipping cap limit

Post by Jonarts » 9 months ago

The previous response from Danielle has been bothering me for at least a month. I decided to pay attention to how the hosts were wording the shipping cap. In the past week, I have heard EIGHT of the hosts say that its a max on ALL purchases in a given day. Words like "automatic adjustments" and "not to worry" the extra shipping costs will be adjusted if you exceed the cap. Not a single host that talked about shipping cap said it was only for phoned in orders and it did not included on line orders. With zero delineation whatsoever between on line or called in orders it is implied that they ALL count when you reach the total. I completely agree with the original poster and can see why there is confusion. I am glad to have Danielle's clarification so I can guide my purchases accordingly, but I do think this needs to be addressed at a higher level than the forum.
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Re: Shipping cap limit

Post by MaeWest1953 » 8 months ago

Wow this is interesting learning about the problem you have ran in to
I have never used that offer but it's always been told to us that as long as we spend the limit they said then anything after that was free shipping!
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